Imagine seeing the Moon as only astronauts have seen it before. You will now be there with MoonWatcher, the first PRIVATE satellite mounted with a state of the art camera, streaming the Moon LIVE.  Now you can be your own astronaut as you pick up your mobile device or PC and enjoy the greatest show…the Moon.

MoonWatcher will offer spectacular views of the Moon and the latest lunar information and scientific breakthroughs. Working with our launch provider, Virgin Galactic, we will place our MoonWatcher Satellite into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) giving you a front row seat.


MoonWatcher will show a real-time, unobstructed view of the lunar surface offering spectacular images. In addition to the MoonWatcher  Satellite, the project also includes The MoonWatcher Channel which will deliver the video feed and also share breakthrough scientific discoveries and the latest lunar news.

MoonWatcher will be the place to go to find out what is happening on the Moon. This is the first step to giving the public, educators and scientists equal access to a view of the lunar surface that prior to MoonWatcher, was only available to a few.

Stay tuned for exciting news!

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