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The Human Journey – a MoonWatcher Perspective

Here at Lunar Station we are building the MoonWatcher mission to continually observe 3 different categories of events; The Living Moon, The Human Journey and The Mystery of Space.

This month we want to highlight the Human Journey to the Moon, both past and future.   Between 1958 and 2014 there have been 124 missions to the Moon.  Most notable of these missions were the Apollo missions.  59 of these missions are considered successes (so 57 missions had failures).  Needless to say, it’s not easy getting to the Moon – yet we keep trying!

Future missions to the Moon; on the books, there are 37 missions planned for Lunar orbit and surface landings.  These missions are being organized by both private and public entities.  21 of these future missions to the Moon are happening in the next 3 years!  The graphic below shows the country of origin of the company or space agency with planned missions as well as the frequency by year;


Our MoonWatcher mission will be the witness to these upcoming missions!  As we deploy our fleet of CubeSat’s into optimal viewing positions we will be the “eyes” in Space to share the renewed Human journey to the Moon.